From the Vice Chancellor's Desk

My Dream through Changing paradigms in Pharmacy Profession

Profession of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences has been one of the most dynamic fields in the healthcare system that has undergone several paradigm shifts in last century. In the ancient times when traditional and herbal medicines were practiced, the role of pharmacist was restricted topreparation and dispensing of drugs. With acceptance of more chemistry based modern medicines by physicians, there was a shift of the profession developed into ‘product oriented pharmaceutical sciences’. As a result there was increased drug dependence and drug information leading to a major shift of pharmacy practice from a product orientation to a patient-centred system by which pharmacists started to assume new responsibility as clinical pharmacist. The traditional pharmacy education shifted from production oriented knowledge development to clinical and hospital based training schools or colleges of pharmacy. Worldwide the traditional pharmaceutical science based institutions started with a direct link to hospitals and community. Innovations with respect to spectroscopy, chromatography, imaging technologies etc. opened several new products to health care systems like medical devices and the success of human genome gave rise to now era of precision medicine.

We are now living in an era of choice wherein patients are able not only to seek information about treatment they will be taking. As we enter into the concepts of precision medicine, diagnostics, commercial development and reimbursement is being impacted by yet another shifting paradigm. Pharmaceutical biotechnology has come to the forefront and there is a trend to discover and validate relevant biomarkers for their utility in clinical trials and potential as companion diagnostics. Fuelled with advances in genomic technologies, and personalized medicine, the profession of pharmacy cannot remain in a single capsule of mere pharmacy institution but requires expansion to the level of university wherein various disciplines can come together to keep pace with the development and provide effective means of health care need to the world.

It is heartening to note that DPSRU has been one of the few centres of learning in India that has kept a pace to the developments. It started with College of Pharmacy in under the Department of Delhi Training and Technology Education, Government of Delhi, introduced B. Pharm. Course in 1972, M. Pharm. In 1979 and became College of Pharmacy and moved from small Polytechnic at Kashmiri Gate to bigger campus Pushp Vihar.  With developments of clinical pharmacy in India and also the pharmaceutical Sciences, it got upgraded to Delhi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and in the light of expanding horizons of pharmaceutical sciences now enacted as the University, the first university of Pharmacy in India. This is similar to the China Pharmaceutical University Nanjing, China, perhaps the first and only university in the world established in 1986, on the basis of the former Nanjing College of Pharmacy of 1936, dedicated and devoted to public health adopting the strategy of “Beyond Pharmacy, Around Pharmacy and For Pharmacy. 

I feel privileged to be the Vice Chancellor of this first University in the country and perhaps second in the world. I wish to encapsulate within the pharmacy profession, opportunities like Bio-markers, Bio-pharmaceuticals, Bio-similars, Medical Devices and other health related teaching career oriented areas emerging out in 21st centuries. I also wish to have reorientation of community based pharmacy programs including pharmacovigilance, pharmacoeconomics, and consultant-pharmacist concept for diseases like diabetes, cancer, neurological and cardiovascular diseases. I therefore, call for the cooperation and suggestions from pharmaceutical fraternity of the country to meet this vision and mission of the University

Prof. Ramesh K. Goyal
Vice Chancellor