Anti-Ragging Comiittee and Anti-Ragging Squad for the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research, DPSRU
Dr. D.P. Pathak, Registrar   Chairperson
Dr. Harvinder Popli, Offg. Dean, Student Affairs   Member
Prof. S. Wakode   Member
Dr. R. Bodla   Member
Mr. Bhagchand   Member
Mr. Rajiv Kumar   Member
Dr. Geeta Aggarwal   Member
Dr. J. Swaminathan   Member
Mrs. S. Latha   Member
Ms. Meenu   Member
Mr. Bishan Singh Jeena   Member

Internal complaint committee for women for prevention prohibition and redressal of sexual harassment of women

Prof. Harvinder Popli


Dr. D.P. Pathak
Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan
Dr. Jaseela Majid
Dr. Madhu Gupta
Mrs. Manju Vyas
Mrs. S. Latha
Mrs. Indumathi