Centre for Natural Products/ Herbal Drug Technology

Pharmacognosy deals with the natural drugs obtained from organisms such as most plants, microbes, and animals. Up to date, many important drugs including morphine, atropine, galanthamine, etc. have originated from natural sources which continue to be good model molecules in drug discovery. Traditional medicine is also a part of pharmacognosy and most of the third world countries still depend on the use of herbal medicines. Consequently, pharmacognosy always keeps its popularity in pharmaceutical sciences and plays a critical role in drug discovery.

Divisions at Centre for Natural Products/ Herbal Drug Technology

  • Division of Tissue Culture
  • Division of Cultivation
  • Division of Indian System of Medicine
  • Division of Herbal Drug Technology
  • Division of Plant Taxonomy and Morphology
  • Division of  Plant Physiology 
  • Division of  Plant Biotechnology 
  • Division of Isolation and Characterisation of Active Principle(s) 
  • Departmental Instrumentation Lab