International Conference on "Recent Advances on Heart Health and Research"

Where: DPSRU Capmus
When: 22nd April, 2016

Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research University had organized an International conference on Recent Advances in Heart Health and Research. The highlights of the conference are as follows:

The conference was a meeting of professors, scientist, cardiologist and research scholar working in the field of cardiac health. Professor Dwivedi delivered a lecture on “lifestyle and prevent heart failure”. He emphasized on diseases originating from the lifestyle. Professor Ren Ki Li (Toronto) delivered lecture on novel conductive to prevent cardiac arrhythmia and explained the role of biomaterial to human health, compatibility and significances with research programme.

Professor Pawan Singhal director institute of cardiovascular sciences (Canada) deliver the lecture on cytokines, innate signalling and heart failure and put a concept to establish a correlation between various inflammatory marker indication and cardiac health. Professor Qadar Pasha, research scientist at CSIR-Institute of Genomics and integrative Biology, gave a presentation on “Gene Polymorphism in Vascular Homeostasis and Hypertension”. Professor (Dr) Sanjiv Dhingra (Canada) presented his pioneer work on the cardiac stem cell therapy and focussed on the pharmacological and genetic interventions to study the molecular mechanism responsible for alterations that lead to changes in the immune characteristics of stem cells following differentiation. Conference was concluded by Prof (Dr) S.S Agrawal, vice chancellor, Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research University.