Aggarwal G: Awarded with best paper presentation award during ICMR sponsored 5th Annual International conference on Bioinformatics and Proteomics driven biomarker developments on 8th April, 2017.

Chauhan MK: Awarded with best Paper Award. Instantaneous self-assembly of a conformationally restricted ultrashort peptide into highly stable hydrogel for drug delivery and tissue engineering. 5th Annual International Conference On “Bioinformatics and Proteomics Driven Biomarker Developments”, sponsor by Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), organized by Chitkara University Punjab, 2017.

Goyal RK: Ansari Sabir Oration Award Navsari Gujarat, 16th November 2016.

Goyal RK: Awarded with Prof. K. N. Udupa Award by IASTAM, Varanasi 2017.

Gupta M: Awarded with best oral presentation award of M.P. council of ScienceandTechnologyfundedproject, “Designing and characterization of novel site specific peptide conjugated polymeric nanoparticles for enhanced antineoplastic effect against CD13 receptor” in INNOPHARM-2 as International Conference, 11-12 Feb2017 at M.P.CST Bhopal India.

Mathur R: Awarded with best Oral Presentation award (First Prize). Effect of Nigella sativaseed extract on parameters of hepatic insulin resistance using primary hepatocytes isolated from rodents. Delhi Diabetic Forum (DIABCON)- 6th & 7th April, 2016.

Popli H: Awarded with International Leadership Innovative Excellence award for Contribution in Corporate Pharmaceutical Sector, by Institute of Economic Studies, April 2017

Saminathan J: Awarded with Rangachari Memorial award 2016 by Tamilnadu Pharmaceutical Welfare Association for the project work on QbD Analysis for the simultaneous estimation of abacavir, lamivudine and dolutegravir in combined tablet dosage forms, 2016.

Thakkar AR: Awarded with Dr. P. D. Sethi Memorial award for the Best Research Paper (3rd Prize). November, 2016.

Thakur AK: Awarded with prestigious G. Achari Prize during 50th Annual Inaugural Golden Jubilee Conference of Indian Pharmacological Society, February 14th, 2017, Patna, Bihar