DPSRU WCSC Wing - Affiliated by Government of NCT of Delhi

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About WCSC

The Government of NCT, Delhi initiated the development of “World Class Skill Centre” (WCSC) in Delhi to address the shortage of skilled manpower. The setting-up of this World Class Skill Centre in Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research University (DPSRU), New Delhi as a nodal centre under the sector “Health and Wellnessfulfilling its objective and create the skilled people that is the valued assets and sustain the economic growth and social development of the country.

DPSRU-WCSC centre provided better levels of skills that might be adjusted more effectively to the challenges and opportunities of globalization in terms of various types of certificates courses that are multi-disciplinary course in their respective field.

Beauty Wellness Consultant Programme

This program is aimed at training candidates in the “Beauty and Wellness” Sector/Industry.


After completing this training, course aspirants will be able to:

  • Provide technical know-how about interventions related to aesthetics and beauty wellness.
  • Provide preliminary technical know-how about cosmetic products.
  • Beauty & Wellness Consultant and Cosmetologists.
  • Assist in Sales and Management of products.
  • Assist the client to make purchase decisions of products related to Skin care, Hair care and Make-up.
  • Know how to manage the Front desk in Clinics & Salon.
  • Maintain health and safety of end users.

Find job in

Cosmetic Industry

  • Product and Formulation management
  • Products Sales and Marketing

Beauty and Wellness Clinics

  • Cosmetologist
  • Aesthetician
  • Beauty products sales merchandize
  • Beauty business Start Ups/Salon Owner
  • Salon/Clinics Units as a Counselor
  • Beauty Manager
  • Front Desk Management
  • Beauty Trainer
  • Beauty Therapist
  • Trade Technician
  • Salon/skin clinic Manager
  • Researcher: Assistant
  • Make-up Artist

Medicine Management Programme

This course provides the knowledge and an understanding of what medicines are, what governs their use, legal responsibilities when dealing with drugs for particular disease, Regulations and Guidance for Medicine’s Management and Handling , Safe Administration of Medicines and their Safeguarding.


After completing this training, course aspirants will be able to:

  • Introduction to medicine, governing laws for their distribution
  • Storage and dispensing
  • Documentation and record keeping
  • Administration of medication
  • Reducing and eliminating medication errors
  • Accountability and responsibility
  • Legislation and requirements
  • Regulations and Guidance for Medicine’s Management
  • Medicine Handling in Care Settings
  • Safe Administration of Medicines
  • Safeguarding and Medicines Management
  • Critical Conditions and Situations


  • Assist to run the chemist shops, whole sale drug and medicine counters
  • Assistant of even private consultant doctors who supplied their own prepared medicines
  • Jan Aushadi outlets and Karunya Pharmacy Stores
  • Vocational trainer in academic organizations if find the teaching
  • Highly capable candidates may get job in pharmaceutical industries located in India as well as
  • Other lab based jobs are laboratory-assistant, and Lab associate, etc
  • Assist in medicine management in Pharmaceutical industry.
  • Assist the doctors and get opportunity in Hospital for patient care and medicine management as Physician, Assistant, Hospital assistant
  • Assist in Pathological lab and clinic based jobs
  • Assist in clinics, particularly medical assistants to complete both administrative and clinical duties
  • Front desk manager



This program is aimed at training candidates in the “Sports/ Health Fitness” Sector/Industry and aims at building the following key competencies amongst the learner.


  • Provide immediate employability option to Indian youth who do not pursue university education and want to enter the work
  • They will learn a new and practical approach of applying yoga in sports.
  • They will understand exercise as a medicine for In which the trainee will not only execute the exercise and yoga asanas but understand them as a treatment for upliftment of the health of the population with specific focus on athletes.
  • The student will be developing efficiency in fitness as management, learning to monitor the growth of the
  • They will have the better understanding for recording the data and compare the assessment reports for the improvement of the athletes.
  • The student will be able to set an example by setting up new ventures for
  • Understanding about injuries and rehabilitation
  • Awareness of the physiological responses to yogic
  • The students will adopt knowledge and practices to lead a healthy life and promote and maintain healthy practices and assist the practices of preventive medicine.
  • The knowledge and skill developed through this course will help the students to create a strong foundation to engage human subject of all ages, genders and abilities.


  • Assisting gym trainer, yoga trainer
  • Assisting fitness and wellness expert in health club
  • In school for games and sports trainer
  • Assisting in setting up the health and wellness centre
  • Sports and conditioning coach
  • Yoga trainer
  • Recorder
  • Match Scorer
  • Sports and fitness test analyser


“Practical demonstration/ hands on training in hair care, hair styling and hair cut”
haircare workshop