Doctoral Programmes

Doctoral Programmes


In the present world there are number of pharmaceuticals companies, hospitals and nursing homes all over the globe exhibits rapid growth of the pharmacy sector. Pharmacy offers sensible job opportunities for their graduates in terms of business or by opening their own business. Candidates can open their own druggists shop or a pharmacy medical shop after completion of their degree or diploma program in pharmacy and after registering with a pharmacy council.

The majority of the job opportunities for a graduate in this field are available in a research institute, government deptartment, universities, pharmaceutical industry and teaching hospitals. Doctor of philosophy and Master of pharmacy graduates are usually engaged in the research field for developing new drugs and analyzing them for strength and purity.

A number of MNC’s work together with top Indian companies to develop numerous new drugs for the welfare of people.

Some Job Types: –

  • Lecturer
  • Data Manager
  • Customs Officer
  • Drug Inspector
  • Analytical Chemist
  • Regulatory Manager
  • Researcher
  • Medical Transcriptionist